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Ultra Pure Bottled Water

100% pure waterA simple conductivity test reveals impurities within these tap, spring and filtered water samples – Rain-Again pure water has less than five parts per million of total dissolved solids, making it your water of choice.

We guarantee the quality and purity of our water with comprehensive external laboratory testing.  No other water company can boast similar results.

Click here for a full chemical analysis of Rain Again Water


We remove:

  • Bacteria and germs

  • Viruses and parasites

  • Heavy metals including lead, silver and mercury

  • Chemicals including  chlorine, ammonia and pesticides

  • Solids such as Aluminium, dirt and sediment

  • Other contaminants such as salt, urea, and nitrate

Benefits of Water:

  • Promote better concentration and results at school

  • Improve mental performance for office and factory workers

  • Assist older people in the management of diabetes and help prevent pressure ulcers, constipation, urinary infections and incontinence, heart disease, low blood pressure, cognitive impairment, falls, and many other illnesses

  • Generally promote better physical and mental well being for all of us

Best for:

  • Mums while breast feeding

  • Use with coffee machines to provide the best coffee flavour and avoid scale build up

  • Mixing with coffee and cordials

  • Older people with health problems such as headaches, stomach upsets and gastro issues

  • Sports people who want to be sure of the water quality

  • Kids who love the novelty of drinking chilled water from a cooler