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Best Office Water Coolers and Bottled Water


Free Water Cooler Hire

Great start for new offices where you don't know how much water you will go through.  In this package deal you receive a free twin-tap water cooler for 1 year + 1 free bottle of water on your first delivery. In total you save $110.

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Free Water!

If you have your own cooler or just want water with taps then this special's for you.  On your first delivery buy up to 5 bottles and we will give you the same number free.  You can save $50 on day 1.

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Switch over to Rain Again and Save $125 Immediately

If you switch over your water service from another supplier we will give you $125 worth of bottle/cooler credits and we guarantee to beat your current prices.  It's free and easy to switch so there's no excuse for not changing over to us today.

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